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Hear what people have to say about TestOut

TestOut has helped millions of people get trained for certifications, and success in their careers.

TestOut is amazing in preparing any tester in their extended educational paths. Each time someone asks where they can find an in-depth training environment for their needs, I point them straight to Test Out. Whomever is in charge of the videos and lab simulations for Network + and Security +, I personally appreciate their extreme hard work in creating the content. I already have my Network +; though I do need to renew it. I'm presently studying the Security + 601 material, and hope to test by the end of this year.
Mrs. B. Tenney
It's the best way I personally learn, I have horrible Test Anxiety and this seems to be the best way to get over just how bad I am at taking tests. Exposure therapy if you will. Plus I get to prep myself for the A+ Certs and others as well.
Kathleen Dowrie
Practical labs and excellent instructors. This is so much more effective than Udemy, LinkedIn Learning and Google Training
Mike Sellers
Easy to follow chapters and sections. Videos are easy to understand and very knowledgable.
Jesse Diaz
Good hands on platform, well organized lessons and great UI.
Julie G
Convenient, can repeat if needed, mini tests, as well as extensive supportive materials.
Linda Trotman
TestOut has the best learning resources!
Philip Ziama
I have seen other online providers, but yours is so special. Your simulation is one of the best. Your friendly consideration for African students is highly commendable. Thank you
Chigbu Paul
Test out is a great place to get all you want about IT and Cyber security aptly.
Petra Tangie
Jason Duncan
Learning Materials and labs are so simple!
Linton Archer
You break down the information into simple form and follow it up with virtual simulation to boot. Love it.
Bernice Thomas-Taylor
TestOut has the best solo training method for both beginners and more advanced users, all knowledge bundled into one location with complete entire simulation software, honestly with this program nobody needs to go to college to enter the field of tech, anybody armed with a computer in combination with testout they can turn themselves into a reputable tech that can indeed get the job done and give themselfs a everlasting career, all for a low affordable price as well not to mention completely at your own pace , I see the huge potential in testouts ability to train the world to what is essentially a better quality of live if this is what they enjoy doing
Matthew Flores
The content is outstanding, up to date, complete and well organised.
Daniel R.

Tell us about your experience using TestOut

I love how TestOut’s learning applications and methods break complex scenarios down into understandable context with supporting video. Testout helped me achieve my Security+ cert and I’ll definitely use TestOut for future certs!
Jake Butler
I think the courses are great. I like that there are videos with subtitles. Then you also are given some written notes on what the videos covered. There are also many labs where you can try out what you have learned so far. It has helped me learn a lot and retain the information better.
Jovana Zelenkov
I've used it before and applied it to work situations.
Emmanuel Egobu