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Microsoft Word Training - 1 Year Access

Microsoft Word Training - 1 Year Access

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TestOut Pro Certified:
Microsoft Word®
This course covers the basic and advanced features and functions of Word®. You will learn, apply, and test your skills in real-world business scenarios. This course also provides 100% coverage for the following certification exams: MO-100: Microsoft Word® Associate 2019, MO-101: Microsoft Word® Expert 2019, and TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word® Advanced.
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Learn by doing
Confidently Learn Microsoft Word®
Course info
Training for 2 Certifications:
  • Microsoft MO-100 and MO-101 
  • TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word® Advanced
Learning Resources:
  • Lab Simulations
  • Video Lessons
  • Demonstrations
  • Text Lessons
  • Section Quizzes
  • Certification Practice Exams
Topics Covered:
  • Common Office Features
  • Document and Text Basics
  • Document Formatting and Graphics
  • Academic and Workplace Features
  • Word Associate Live Projects
  • MO-100 (Word Associate) Practice Exams
  • Custom Styles
  • Advanced Editing and References
  • Automatic Document Content
  • TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word® Advanced Practice Exams
  • MO-101 (Word Expert) Practice Exams
Course Outline / Objectives Objective MappingWatch a Demo

This engaging, hands-on training builds confidence through a streamlined learn-by-doing experience. Learners will be proficient using Word features such as mail merge, automatic indexes, macros, custom styles and themes.

This all-in-one online curriculum includes instruction, practice labs, and certification prep together on one platform. Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams are easier to prepare for with  Domain Practice Labs, Readiness Reports, and MOS Practice Exams.

TestOut Certified Pro: Microsoft Word Advanced
Featuring Hands-On Lab Simulations
Advanced labs simulate real-world use cases, such as:
  • Create documents
  • Format a calendar
  • Prepare an online resume
  • Format a sales report
  • Use macros
  • ...and many more.
Try a sample lab simulation:
Format a research paper Review and protect documents
Word Lab Challenge
Everything You Need to Train and Certify
Practice Exams
"Test Me"
Word practice exams
  • Get realistic exam experience
  • Prepare with full-length, timed exams
  • Questions presented in random order
  • Skip questions and return to previous questions
  • View your score in an exam report at the end
"Verify Me"
TestOut Advanced Word Certificate
  • TestOut Certifications are 100% skills based
  • Pro exams measure your ability to complete a task
  • Exams delivered online
  • Personalized certificates awarded after passing the Pro exam
  • Completion of the course will also fully prepare you to pass industry exams. Industry exams will need to be scheduled and paid for with that particular vendor.
TestOut has you covered
Organizations or Self Learners
  • Lesson plans
  • PowerPoint slides
  • LMS integration
  • Mapping to state standards
  • Mapping for course objectives
  • Custom exam builder
  • Custom reports
  • Mapping to other certifications/content
  • Video lessons
  • Automatic feedback & scoring
  • End of section quizzes
  • Self-remediation
  • Fact sheets
  • Certification practice exam material
  • Interactive lab environment
  • TestOut Pro certification
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