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Are You a Certification Bulldog?

Posted by TestOut Staff on

As the philosopher and poet Sly Stone once observed, getting along is this mad, mad, mad, mad world sometimes requires "different strokes for different folks." While many of us take aim at the same goals, and often achieve them by employing largely similar means, it's likely that no two individuals get to the same place using exactly the same approach, or method, or blueprint, or what have you. Success, for most of us, requires some degree of adaptation or personalization.


Certification offers a good illustration of the point. Here at TestOut Continuing Education, we constantly observe how people use our training technology to achieve certification. We want to continually make our products better, and understanding how people use them is a big part of that. Quite often, we see that even within the same class or training group, individual users rely on different aspects of our training courses to cement their understanding of various computing concepts.

If you find something that works especially well for you in your certification efforts, whether it's interacting with top-quality simulations, or repeated drilling with practice questions and tests, then you should make that tool a big part of your learning. One method of interest came to light recently in a post at GoCertify by certification guru Ed Tittel. Ed discusses the method documented by a particular career switcher who relies on extreme preparation to pass her exams.

This self-described truck driver and reader's method came to light in an exam forum where she specifically addresses how she passed CompTIA's Network+ exam despite not having worked closely with networking technology for more than a decade. (Are you in a similar pickle? Give our Network Pro training a shot.) Ed calls her approach the "Bulldog Method," because of its tenacity and thoroughness. And it might not work for everyone, but it certainly worked for this particular individual. Find out what works for you, and similar success is assured.

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