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Be Excellent to Each Other

Posted by TestOut Staff on

The Murder of Geta

Long ago in the middle centuries of the Roman imperial era, the emperor Septimius Severus died after appointing his two sons, Caracalla and Geta, to succeed him. The boys had an irreconcilable hatred of each other, and only managed to jointly rule the empire for about 11 months before Caracalla had Geta assassinated. Not "knifed in a dark alley" assassinated, either. Geta was murdered at a summit meeting arranged by his and Caracalla's mother

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Not Just About the Beef

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Grillin' up some grub.

Once a year in summer, everybody at TestOut walks across the street to a small park right in the center of Pleasant Grove and sits down to break bread together. Metaphorically break bread, that is. There are usually dinner rolls, and rolls are bread, so bread is definitely broken. That's not what has most TestOut-ers, however, licking their chops for weeks in advance of the this pleasant and collegial get-together. The real attraction is the food or, more specifically, the beef.

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