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Happy All Hallows Adam

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Today is Monday, Oct. 30, the day before Halloween. Halloween, Oct. 31, is the day before All Saints Day, Nov. 1, which is also known as All Hallows Day. So now you can see why Oct. 31 is also called All Hallows Eve, which eventually got slurred and shortened into the "Halloween" we all know and love. And that's why Oct. 30 is also known (informally, anyway) as All Hallows Adam. (Because Adam came before Eve, ho-ho.)

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a big and busy deal at TestOut, so we're short-circuiting the normal business of the day, and we are instead directing your attention to a free and lively seasonal quiz provided by our friends at GoCertify. Have some early tricks and treats, and we'll be back in the everyday swing of things on Wednesday, Nov. 1. (Which, you all now should know, is also known as All Hallows Day.)

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