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IT's All in the Details

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Life is full of minor items and small details that need to be taken care of on a regular basis. Likewise every job comes with duties and responsibilities that recur throughout the week or month and demand attention from the person or persons who have been assigned to monitor those chores. This condition is often amplified in the IT world, where sometimes it's difficult to see the forest of one's job role for the several dozen trees of individual tasks to be completed.

Teeming forest

Fortunately for all of us who work in IT, technology has advanced well beyond the age of the proverbial string tied around the finger to serve as a reminder of this or that loose end that needs to be addressed. Most workers, even those outside the IT realm, go through their daily routine within arm's length of a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, smartphone, or other IT-enabled device, and nearly every one of these tools is equipped with some form of software that allows the user to create checklists, or set reminders.

Such functionality makes it possible for tech workers to keep track of the little things, even when occasional workplace disruptions occur. Job responsibilities can shift, for example, when a coworker leaves the organization or is laid off. Sometimes you may have to assume another individual's responsibilities temporarily, and sometimes the rearrangement of tasks may be more permanent. Properly managing the details of such transitions can be a key determining factor in whether or not they succeed.

Certification is one sector of the wider IT realm where individuals may find themselves juggling an extensive to-do list. Managing study materials and properly allocating time to prepare and review is essential to success. That's one area where TestOut's LabSim training can simplify your life. With LabSim, you don't have to worry about gathering, storing, or otherwise managing your study materials. LabSim keeps everything together in one place, accessible at your convenience any hour of the day or night.

LabSim also guides your through each course. There are instructional videos and guides to help you initially grasp IT concepts. The top-caliber simulations let you test your knowledge using virtual equipment that perfectly simulates actual work situations. You don't even have to remember where you are in each course, or what you've completed already. Each time you log in, you can pick up right where you left off. There are even tools to help you monitor your progress and performance.

In short, LabSim sweats the little stuff so that you don't have to. It's like having your own personal IT study coach. (Just imagine how much easier your job would be if you had a job coach, say, to help you make sure everything is lined up before you leave on that big trip to Hawaii.) IT is often all about the details, and you probably have plenty of things to keep track of already. Simplify your training and certification by adding a personal study coach to your team.

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