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Train Your Whole Team

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Spring is just around the corner, and that means that baseball players are, um, already shagging fly balls and taking BP. Hey, you think spring training can wait until, you know, spring is actually here? Not a chance. The Arizona-based Cactus League tossed out the first pitch on Feb. 21, while the Grapefruit League kicked off in Florida on Feb. 22. It's hardly reasonable to expect baseball players to be ready to play 180 games if they don't get started early.

So yeah, we're a couple of weeks behind schedule in dusting off another of our trademark convoluted sports metaphors. Give us a break. It snowed so much last night that we needed a shovel to get out the front door. "Spring" is still entirely theoretical around these parts. The point is that baseball players are busy knocking off nearly five months' worth (for most teams) of rust, which has us thinking about teams and the importance of training.

Lots of corporations need to get workplace teams up to speed on core information technology skills. IT training and certification is an excellent solution to that problem. And TestOut courseware is better than most IT training and certification products. Don't just take our word for it: A few years ago IBM was facing pretty much the exact dilemma we described at the beginning of this paragraph. How did they end up solving that problem? With TestOut training.

Baseball players, of course, aren't relearning the game of baseball from scratch every year in spring training. The whole team, however, needs to work on sharpening their skills. And sometimes even non-sports teams benefit from similar tuneup processes. Maybe you have a department or division that's already at a certain level of IT fluency, but could benefit from refreshing team members' skills. Technology changes constantly, after all.

Whatever your corporate training needs are, there's a good chance that our IT training and certification courses can help. We teach core IT skills and our training is available online around the clock. Your personnel can log in and complete lessons or exercises whenever it's convenient for them. We're IT training experts and we can help you achieve the success you're looking for. Your don't even have to wait for spring to start training. Give us a call today!

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