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Holiday Lost ... and Found?

Posted by TestOut Staff on

It's December and we here at the IT Insights Blog are deep in the heart of the holiday season. Except that there is an emergency afoot and very little time in which to avert a crisis of Biblical proportions. Literally Biblical, that it. We were riding a commuter train into the guts of the local metropolitan area when a sign alerted us to some truly desperate circumstances. Christmas is missing, and we don't even have 25 days left to find it!

What happened to Christmas?

Some of you may not have been aware that Christmas is a thing one can steal, which only proves that you have not really paid attention to How the Grinch Stole Christmas for all of these years. It's right there in the title people! Christmas was stolen at least once already, and now it would seem that it's been stolen again. To get back to the main thread of our narrative: It all came to light on the aforementioned commuter train, where we saw a sign.

Not a metaphysical sign, such as a sign from God. This was a sign of the placard variety, somewhat similar in character to a wanted poster. The sign was to notify the public that three very handsome gentlemen have been charged with the task of "Finding Christmas." Indeed, it seemed to announce that they would be gathering evidence and searching for clues at a local public venue on Dec. 10. We'd like to thank these intrepid lads for their public service. 

It's not clear whether there is anything that the rest of can do to assist the search, although at least two of the three gentlemen, who refer to themselves collectively as Gentri, could probably use a razor and some shaving cream, since they appear to have not packed carefully before setting out on their search. At any rate, I'm sure that we can trust them to find Christmas, leaving the rest of us free to look for more ordinary things like holiday savings.

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