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Nap for Success

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Today is National Napping Day, which is apparently a thing. Google, for one, believes that it is a thing, and we direct further inquiries on the subject to this excellent article from the Miami Herald. Essentially, we're all tired from jumping the clocks forward after the start of Daylight Savings Time, so a guy and his wife thought that there should be a day to recognize the importance of rest.

Get some rest!

So unless you're driving a car, operating heavy equipment, manning a missile silo, cooking french fries in hot oil, catching cheerleaders at cheer practice, or doing something else that the requires your undivided attention, then feel free to grab some Zs today. If your boss takes exception to a little nodding off on the job, then you can tell him it's National Napping Day, and you just wanted to participate.

Actually, you can make an even stronger case than that. Research has shown that taking a short nap — a 20-minute snooze, for example, also known as a "stage two" nap — actually boosts alertness and improves motor function. A short nap at regular intervals can also lower tension and decrease your risk of heart disease. A healthier you is a more functional, more productive you.

And those are benefits that can improve the wellness and performance even of individuals who regularly get adequate nighttime sleep. Let's face it: How many people out there are getting a full six-to-eight hours per night? You may have heard the phrase "power nap." A short nap can actually literally have that effect, producing energy that many people otherwise look to chemical stimulants to provide.

IT professionals can benefit just as much as anyone else from being alert and energetic while at work. So don't hesitate to set a valuable and beneficial example for your coworkers. "Work," as they say, is a four-letter word, but a vital key to reducing stress and improving performance is as simple as bringing a pillow to the office. Make your breaks more effective than ever before!

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