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Change My Microchip

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Almost exactly six years ago, British researchers announced the creation of the first crash-proof self-repairing computer. We know what you're thinking: A "self-repairing" computer could either manufacture or correctly identify needed replacement parts, remove failed hardware, and properly install new components. As often happens, however, the headlines announcing this groundbreaking scientific leap forward exaggerated the reality somewhat.

Pass me that wrench

The computer in question was actually capable of rewriting its own programming. It had the capacity, to a limited extent, to fix damaged software and restore normal operations. As explained by lead researcher Peter Bentley, "We can corrupt up to a third of a program and the computer can regenerate its code." It's not quite the same thing as Arnold Schwarzenegger patching himself together in The Terminator before heading out to complete his mission.

There's no real surprise then, that in 2019, we don't yet have a computer that can, say, replace its own motherboard. It's not just that there are a few bugs in the system — the system, for all intents and purposes, doesn't actually exist yet. There's still a need, in other words, for skilled human workers who understand the "guts" of computing technology and can actually break down a malfunctioning unit, repair or replace damaged parts, and reassemble it.

It's actually not even as difficult as it sounds. (Which may be why we're half-convinced that machines should already be able to do it on their own.) With a little drive and determination, you can learn all of the skills needed to become a successful computer hardware and software technician in a matter of months. With TestOut's PC Pro, you can learn the steps backwards and forwards before you even pick up a used (or new) PC or laptop and start playing around.

Not only that, but right now PC Pro is fresh as a daisy. We overhauled and updated everything prior to the latest release in January. You can get TestOut's own PC Pro certification (included in the cost of PC Pro training) in addition to learning everything you need to know to pass CompTIA's A+ exam. Why wait for science fact to catch up with science fiction? Start your PC Pro training today and you'll be headed down an exciting new career path before you know it.

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